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The Jack Benny Program


Format: DVD-R – 16 Disc
Audio: Dolby Digital
Year: 19250 – 1960
Production: Nostalgia Merchant
Aspect Ratio: 4X3, FULL FRAME, NSTC, Black & White


The format of the show, and the personality of it’s star, so well honed in two decades on radio, made the transition to television almost intact in 1950. Joining him from his radio cast were Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, as Jack’s wise-cracking valet; Dennis Day, the naive, somewhat dense tenor who sang on the show; Mel Blanc and Don Wilson the announcer. Seen on a more irregular basis was Mary Livingstone, Jack’s real-life wife. Jack Benny moved into television slowly.
In his first season (1950-1951), he only performed 4 shows. By the 1951-1952 season, Jack was ready to do 1 show approximately every 6 weeks. In the third season (1952-1953), the show was broadcast every 4 weeks. During the 1953-1954 season, The Jack Benny Program aired every 3 weeks. – From 1954-1960, the Benny programs aired every other week, rotating with such shows as Private Secretary and Bachelor Father. Beginning in the 1960-1961 season, The Jack Benny Program began airing every week.This huge collection includes ninety-nine of the best half-hour shows in two eight DVD-R albums. Each DVD includes interactive menus for either continuous play or episode selection..

That’s 99 Episodes in two album.

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