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Comin’ Round The Mountain

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After striking out in New York, backwoods musician Jed Blower (Bob ‘Bazooka’ Burns) and his hillbilly family band return to their native Tennessee. Here they land a job at a tinker-toy radio station in a community plagued by a long-standing family feud. Also causing local headaches is a continuing political tug of war over the maintence of the city’s poorhouse. Hoping to solve everyone’s problems, Jed runs for mayor, using the radio station as his podium. Harold Peary makes his film debut as the Great Gildersleeve, a personality he created in a 1935 Fibber McGee & Molly radio program. Starring: Bob Burns, Una Merkel, Jerry Colonna, Don Wilson, Harold Peary, Bill Thompson, Cliff Arquette, William Demarest. 1940 – BW – 63 Minutes

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