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Henry Aldrich Editor


Henry Aldrich, boy editor of his high school newspaper wants to double the circulation. A warehouse fire gives him his chance. He did not even see the fire but gets the “facts” and “advice” from a professional newspaperman at the fire. This expert convinces Henry that papers sell because of how the reporter uses the facts in the story. So Henry decides to hint that a “sinister plot” was involved in this fire. The story catches fire within the town. When Henry was at the fire, unknown to him he actually meets the arsonist. A strange little man carrying a violin case by the name of Nero Smith. Henry later learns the name of this man. The arsonist actually believes that Henry is a “like-minded” lover of fires and proceeds to inform Henry of the future sites of fires. After informing the fire department of likely fire sites Henry goes on trial as the arsonist. Henry sets out to prove his innocence. Starring: Jimmy Lydon, Charles Smith, John Litel, Olive Blakeney, Rita Quigley, Vaughan Glaser, Charles Halton, Francis Pierlot, Cliff Clark. 1942 – BW  – 72 Minutes

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