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Life With Elizabeth


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Life With Elizabeth

Betty White was the twenty-eight year old co-creator, producer, and star of Life With Elizabeth. White was one of only two women in the early days of television to wield creative control both in front of and behind the camera. A distinctive feature of the program were its non-linear stories–each episode consisted of three vignettes, three different plots. Betty White earned her first Emmy in 1952 for Life with Elizabeth.


A Tree in the Freeway/First Kiss/ExFlame Buying a New Car/Replacing Fuses/Mr. Fuddy’s Toupee Remodeling Furniture/Hypnosis/Mr. Fuddy’s Home Movies Distractions/Party Mix-Up/Fixit Day, Stolen Car/Anguished Alvin/Mountain Cabin Bill Dunning/Green-Eyed Monster/Good Neighbor Policy Private Eye/Nerves/Moosie Everything Went Wrong/Animal Lover/Vaccum Cleaner Salesman, Calling Alvin/Asst. Troop Leader/ Housing Survey Ping Pong/ Leaky Roof/The Mystery Mama Visit’s/Picnic/Nosy Neighbor Bonus Check/Chest of Drawers/Richards Face Tree for the Patio/Repairing the TV/The Drive In, Niece Kathy/Business Trip/Roughing It The Budget/Dinner Date/Company Show Lobster for Dinner/Outdoor Sports/S.S. Paradise Mannerisms/Stupid Drapes/Bulldog Smith Psychology Test/Mental Telepathy/ National Break the Window Day, Morning Grouch/Shopping Trip/A Taxing Day Newly Wed/Covering Up/The Underhills Morse Code/First TV Set/Ping Pong War The Parrot/Sleep/Bowling Night, Mystery Books/The Front Porch/Elmer’s Garage Heat Wave/The Lumps/Singing Lessons Taking Pictures/Picky Alvin/Mixed-Up Saturday Mama’s Birthday/Five Quarts of Varnish/Singing Teacher.

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