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Behave Yourself


The only living creature that knows the location of a fortune in stolen loot is an unpredictable dog name Archie. Hapless grifter Albert Jonas loses Archie and his inside track to the cash. The dog finds a new home with Bill and Kate Denny (Farley Granger and Shelley Winters). Kate mistakes the dog for an anniversary gift from her bumbling husband, who can’t figure out why he is constantly being chased by thugs. Unaware of Archie’s priceless information, Bill must compete with his disapproving mother-in-law, relentless crooks, baffled policemen and h is new pet for a little quality time with his wife. Starring: Shelley Winters, Farley Granger, William DeMarest, Lon Chaney, Margald Gillmore and Archie. 1952  – BW – 80 Minutes

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