The Fighting 69th


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The Fighting 69th

The Fighting 69th – Academy Award winner James Cagney leads an all-star cast in a story of cowardice and courage based on the true-life experiences of Catholic priest Father Duffy assigned to a scrappy unit of Irish Americans–The Fighting 69th. World War I. Cocky, streetwise tough Jerry Plunkett (Cagney) arrives in the 69th with an attitude that he can defeat the enemy single-handedly and an unwillingness to follow orders. But in his first firefight, Plunketts cowardice costs the lives of many of his fellow soldiers. Now, Plunkett must find the courage to redeem himself and his unit–even if it comes at the cost of his life.

Starring: James Cagney, Alan Hale, Dennis Morgan, George Brent, Jeff Lynn, Pat O’Brien, William Lundigan – 1940 – BW – 90 Minutes. DVD, Digitally remastered.

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