Fibber McGee and Molly Double Feature


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Fibber McGee and Molly Double Feature

One of the longest-running comedy series in radio history, Fibber McGee and Molly starred Jim and Marian Jordan as a blowhard husband and his patient, long-suffering wife. Airing from 1935 to 1959, the series introduced a host of memorable supporting characters (Gildersleeve, Beulah, Wallace Wimple) as well as catchphrases that became part of the vernacular (Taint funny, McGee!). The Jordans also appeared in feature films, and this uproarious collection spotlights Fibber, Molly and the rest of the gang in two of their funniest adventures, Here We Go Again (1942): Fibber and Molly celebrate their 20th anniversary at Silver Tip Lodge where they run into Egar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Noble, Harold Peary (the Great Gildersleeve), Bill Thompson (Wallace Wimple) and Mortimer Snerd. Heavenly Days (1944): The McGees take a trip to Washington, D.C., where Fibber intends to show those government fellows how to do things. Double Feature – 148 Minutes – BW.

Starring: Marian and Jim Jordan Here We Go Again (1942) – Heavenly Days (1944)

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