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Terry and the Pirates


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Terry and the Pirates

Colonel Terry Lee travels to the orient in search of a gold mine left to him by his grandfather. While searching, he is a pilot employed by a “no questions asked” airline run by Chopstick Joe. His friend and co-pilot is Hotshot Charlie. His love interest is a girl named Burma. He and his friends are constantly in hot water, thanks to the mysterious Dragon Lady, as they fly from one exotic location to the next.  Action-filled episodes featuring comic strip hero Terry Lee, a he-man adventurer and his pal Hot-Shot Charlie. This exciting TV series, based on the popular “Terry and the Pirates” comic strip and radio series, aired in 1952-1953. 4 DVD Set, 16 Episodes.


Maco Gold, The Maitland Affair, Diplomatic Passport, Green God, The Loaded Dice Affair, Chinese Coffin, Boxer’s Rebellion, Little Mandarin, Co-Pilots, Chinese Legacy, Black Market for Death, Compound C-3, Extra Cargo, Deadly Species Tea Hee, The Randall Affair.

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