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Tales of the Texas Rangers TV Collection



Tales of the Texas Rangers TV Collection

Adventure stories of the exploits of the Texas Rangers. Tales of the Texas Rangers was originally seen on Saturday afternoons on CBS beginning in September 1955, Tales of the Texas Rangers was also broadcast on radio beginning in the early 1950s. You can also purchase the Radio Collection from us on Bonanza. Typical western with a twist. Two stars appeared as Texas Rangers, Willard Parker and Harry Lauter, but in a different scenario each program. One week, they might be Rangers in the 1840s and the next week they would be current day Rangers, i.e., it was a history of the Texas Rangers. THIS SET HAS JUST BEEN UPDATED. Episodes are better quality, audio problems have been corrected and the set now has interactive menus. All episodes are now in chronological order. 24 Episodes – 6 DVD Set.


Disc 1

Ransom Flight
Carnival Criss-Cross
Blood Trail
Uranium Pete

Disc 2

The Shooting of Sam Bass
Prairie Raiders
The Atomic Trail
Blazing Across the Pecos

Disc 3
The Rough, Tough West
The Devil’s Deputy
Horseman of the Sierras
The Man From Sundown

Disc 4
The Feud
Both Barrels Blazing
A Texas Million

Disc 5
The Kid from Amarillo
Gypsy Boy
Riders of the Lone Star
Streamlined Rustlers

Disc 6
Edge of Danger
The Steel Trap
Jace and Clay

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