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Range Rider


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Range Rider

The dynamic duo of the west ride into high adventure in this exciting family-friendly series. Jock Mahoney stars as Ranger Rider and Dick Jones is his sidekick Dick West. Poduced by Gene Autry’s production company, “The Range Rider” roared onto television in 1951. Excellent family television – 20 episodes of the Range Rider. Good-natured fun and high adventure. 6 DVD Set.


Blind Trail, Rustler’s Range, Shotgun Stage, Badman of Rim Rock, Indian War Party Saga of Silver Town, Cherokee Roundup, Treasure of Santa Dolores, The Holy Terror, Border City Affair, Black Terror, Marshal From Madero, Bullets and Badmen, West of Cheyenne, Western Edition, Convict at Large, Hideout, The Buckskin, The Chase, Outlaw Pistols.

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