Mystery Thrillers – 4-Film Collection


This is Volume One of our Mystery Thrillers Collection. It includes four great mystery films: The Phantom of 42nd Street, Dark Mountain, The Chase, and Mystery Man. All full-length films, digitally remastered.


Mystery Thrillers – 4-Film Collection

The Phantom of 42nd Street – Starring: Dave O’Brien, Kay Aldridge – 1945 – BW – 58 Minutes. A theatre critic teams up with a cop to investigate the murder of a Broadway actor.

Dark Mountain – Starring: Robert Lowery, Ellen Drew – 1944 • BW• 56 Minutes. A woman doesn’t realize that the man  she has just married is a gangster.

The Chase – Starring: Robert Cummings, Peter Lorre – 1946 • BW• 86 Minutes. Chuck Scott gets a job as chauffeur to tough guy Eddie Roman; but Chuck’s involvement  with Eddie’s fearful wife becomes a nightmare.

The Mystery Man – Starring: Robert Armstrong – 1935 • BW• 65 Minutes. When he runs short of money, a newspaper reporter pawns a police revolver. Later on the gun is used in a murder, and the reporter is suspected of committing the crime.

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