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One of the first ‘doctor dramas,’ when Medic ran on network prime time in 1954 it was a television milestone. Known for its realistic and honest portrayal of the medical profession it featured well documented, case histories “dedicated to the profession of medicine and to the men and women who labor in its cause.” Each week, the program was introduced by the stern yet friendly face of Doctor Konrad Styner (Richard Boone).

Making its debut in 1954, Richard Boone stars in Medic. This collection includes 28 episodes on 6 DVDs.


Laughter is a Boy, I Climb the Stairs, My Brother Joe. With This Ring, The Wild Intruder, Boy in the Storm, Breath of Life, A Time To Be Alive, Flash of Darkness, Mercy Wears an Apron, Dr. Impossible, Break Through the Bars, Death is a Red Balloon, Physician Heal Thyself, Wall of Silence, My Child’s Keeper, Never Comes Sunday, General Practitioner, All the Lonely Nights, Walk With Lions, A Glass of Fear, A Time for Sleep, The Laughter and the Weeping, If, Tomorrow Be Sad, Who Search for Truth, The, Inconstant Heart, To the Great, a Most Seldom Gift, Til the Song is Done.

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