I Married Joan


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I Married Joan

Joan Davis was, with Lucy, one of the great female comedy clowns of all time. She starred in many movies and after I Love Lucy was a megahit, Davis starred in this sitcom of similar format and title. But instead of a Cuban bandleader, it was a judge she drove crazy, played by the brilliant Jim Backus.

This hilarious sitcom starred veteran vaudeville, film, and radio comedienne-comedy actress Joan Davis as the manic, scatterbrained wife of a mild-mannered community judge, the Honorable Bradley Stevens. 24 Episodes – 6 DVD Set.


Brad’s Class Reunion, Dreams, Acrobats, Bad Boy, Neighbors, Talent Scout, Honeymoon. Brad’s Broken Toe, Sister Pat, Bev’s Boyfriend, Mabel’s Dress, Mountain Lodge, Home of the Week, Changing Houses, Jealousy, Joan’s Haircut, New House, The Wall Safe, Alienation of Affections, Clothes Budget, Home Movies, The Allergy The Lady and the Prize Fighter, The Jailbird.

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