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Bill Dana Show


Format: DVD-R –6 Disc
Audio: Dolby Digital
Year: 1963
Production: Nostalgia Merchant
Aspect Ratio: 4X3, FULL FRAME, NSTC, Black & White


The Bill Dana Show was a spinoff of “The Danny Thomas Show” and featured the character of Jose Jiminez, a nasally sounding Latin American bellhop at a New York hotel.The hotel was practically Jose’s entire world; he lived in special bachelor headquarters provided for hotel employees, ate in the hotel kitchen, and had social contact only with employees and guests of the hotel. In his goodhearted naivete, he saw only the good in the people around him.Stars Jonathan Harris, Gary Crosby and Don Adams in the regular weekly cast. This four-disc set contains 29 half-hour episodes.


Disc 1
The Hypnotist
Jose the Playboy
Jose the Opera Singer
Jose the Stockholder
The Bank Holdup

Disc 2
Honeymoon Suite
Jose the Astronaut
Jose and the Brat
Jose For Amigos

Disc 3
Speak for Yourself
Jose, the manager
Jose Hot Dog Caper
Hiring Jose
Master of Disguise

Disc 4
Jose Resigns
Blood from Two Turnips
Danny Thomas
Laughing Gas
The Essay

Disc 5
What Elephant
Jose on the Ledge
Jose, the Flower Thief
Jose’s Inheritance
We’ll Get You For This

Disc 6
Phillips the Lover
Tonsils for Two
Click the Strongman
The Court Jester

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