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COPS – Classic TV Collection


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COPS – Classic TV Collection

COPS – Classic TV Collection -The greatest collection of classic cop and detective shows ever produced. Many of these shows are extremely rare. For example Manhunt and Margin of Fear. The collection also includes several pilot shows that never made it to television. You get eight disc with 4 shows per disc. That’s an incredible 32 shows in this collection.


Police Station “Gordon Wynn Story”; Racket Squad “Fair Exchange”; Decoy “The Pan Off”; Tales of The Texas Rangers “Devil’s Deputy”; Richard Diamond “Picture of Fear” State Trooper “Another Chance”; Manhunt “The Wooden Witness”; Follow That Man “Wire Tappers”; M Squad “Shred of Doubt”; Biff Baker “Counterfeit Plates”; For The Defense “Arson and Murder”; Sheriff of Cochise “Shoot To Kill”; Boston Blackie”; Bulldog Drummond”The Ludlow Affair”; Public Defender “Story of Nora Fulton”; Mark Saber “Hair of The Dog”; Martin Kane”Murder in Court”; Police Station “Baynes Barron Story”; Treasury Men In Action “The Shot In The Dark”; I am The Law “The Killer”; Mike Hammer “Shot In The Arm”; Peter Gunn “Let’s Kill Timothy”; Sky King “Sky Robbers”; Lock Up “The Case of Tom Fuller”; Police Call “King Donovan”; Night Court “First Case: Indecent Exposure”; The Falcon “Kiss Me Not”; Margin of Fear with Brodrick Crawford Rocky King “Murder In Advance”; Public Prosecutor “Case of The Man Who Wasn’t There”; Richard Diamond “Merry-Go-Round Case”; Dick Tracy “Shakey’s Secret Treasure”.

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