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Wild Bill Elliot Western Collection


Western great Wild Bill Elliott sauntered into the Fifties at the top of his Cowboy game and soon signed up at a new studio –Monogram Pictures (soon to become Allied Artists). Along with his two-fists, six guns and ramrod righteousness, Wild Bill brought something else to bear on this series of Westerns — brain matter. Themes and ideas sprinkled throughout this run include cross-breeding cattle (The Longhorn), civic redemption (Waco), the limits of familial obligation (Kansas Territory), cross plains survival tactics (The Maverick), 19th century shipping logistics (Rebel City), personal redemption (Topeka), manipulated lynch mob mentality (Vigilante Terror), and how to conduct a wild west dragnet (The Forty-Niners, presented in its correct widescreen aspect ratio!). Dont get us wrong through- theres still Wild Bill action aplenty!

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