When’s Your Birthday? – Joe E. Brown



When’s Your Birthday? – Joe E. Brown

When’s Your Birthday? – Joe E. Brown – Sad sack Dustin Willoughby is a true believer in the power of astrology. His adherence to the forecasts of his horoscope has alienated his fiancée and cost him his job at the bank. While working as a lowly bus boy in a nightclub, he catches the attention of some high-stakes gamblers with his ability to forecast race results and establishes himself as an astrologer to high society clients.The high rollers mistakenly confuse his horoscope with that of professional boxer “The Salvador Slayer”, and bet the ranch on the unknown Central-American pugilist. After they realize their error, they force Dustin into the ring to try and help save the day.

Joe E. Brown stars as “The Nation’s Greatest Ass-trologer!” “A Dumb Pug Turned Star-Gazer!” Rare Classic Film. 1937 – BW – 79 Min. DVD, Digitally remastered.

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