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Trouble With Father


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Trouble With Father

Trouble With Father stars Stu and June Erwin in this 1950s comedy series. Playing Principal Erwin of Hamilton High School, Erwin entertained audiences with his comic flair and knack for delivering humorous lines. First airing in 1950, Trouble With Father follows the principal and his wife in their comic attempts to keep track of their two daughters Joyce and Jackie, while also overseeing all the students of Hamilton High. In these episodes Stu has several adventures in parenting that involve teaching his daughters about first date kissing, pet care, and birthday-party etiquette. And as a special treat, viewers will also be treated to several vintage television commercials, some even featuring the stars of the popular series. 8 DVD Set. Starting Stuart Erwin and wife June Erwin. This Trouble With Father collection includes 32 episodes.

EPISODE TITLES: Mr. Lamont, Father Gets Into The Act, The Ugly Duckling, Telephonitis, Black Saturday Father And Shakespeare, The Great Debate, The Burglar Alarm, TV Comes to the Erwins, Springtime For Father, Quarantine, Nothing But The Truth, The Pen Is Mightier, Hate That Love Seat, Father Does His Homework, In A Pickle, Jackie Knows All, The Big Game, Egg Noggin, The Dress Shop, A Very Rainy Day, Father’s Pet, Leave It To Stu, The Family Tree, Youth is Wonderful, Spooks, The Landlord, Nothing Like A Friend, Fleetwing, The Barbecue, The Pearl Necklace, The School Newspaper.

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