The Whistler



The Whistler

The Whistler was a half-hour television mystery series, based on the radio series of the same name. Thirty-nine episodes were produced and aired on CBS from 1954-55. William Forman was both narrator and the voice of “The Whistler.” The TV version used many of the same scripts as radio and some of the same stars that had appeared on The Whistler radio series. If you enjoy mystery, you might also like The Mysterious Traveler.

This 4 DVD set includes 16 rare episodes with such stars as Lon Chaney, Les Tremayne, Richard Arlen, Ellen Corby (The Waltons), John Howard, and many more.


Search for an Unknown, Backfire, The Return, The Big Jump, Cancelled Flight, The Pattern, Jubilee Earring, Borrowed Byline, The Lovely Look, The Other Hand, The Man Who Ran, Death Sentence, The First Year, Meeting on Tenth Street, Silent Partner, An Actors Life.