The Spider’s Web


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The Spider’s Web

Starring Warren Hull

A crime fighter known as The Spider battles a villain called The Octopus, who is out to sabotage America and install his own government. Also starring Iris Meredith and Richard Fiske. 2 DVD Set – 15 Chapters (1938)

The Spider made his first appearance in pulp magazines in 1933 attempting to ride the coattails of another popular pulp magazine, radio and movie character, The Shadow.

The plot of this 15 chapter serial: Master criminal named “The Octopus” who means to take over key industries and utilities. Transportation, electrical power and fuel companies. He sets out to bomb trains and planes and to throw the entire industry into chaos. But he’s messed with the wrong guy, when he takes on the wealthy Richard Wentworth. Unknown to The Octopus, Wentworth is in reality The Spider, Master of Men! Check out The Spider Returns.

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