The Rogues Collection



The Rogues Collection

The cousins Sinclair and Fleming are con-men so successful they no longer need to con. They can be persuaded, however, to use their skills: in a just cause, where a mark deserves it very, very much. If you wanted sophisticated adventure on TV in the early 1960s you watched The Rogues. This hour-long drama series starred David Niven, Gig Young, Charles Boyer, Robert Coote and Gladys Cooper. The Rogues lasted only one season. Here are eleven episodes.

THE ROGUES EPISODE TITLES: “Hugger-Mugger, By the Sea,” “Bow to a Master,”  “Two of a Kind,” “The Project Man,” “The Personal Touch,” “House of Cards,” “The Day They Gave the Diamonds Away,” “The Pigeons of Paris,” “Take Me to Paris,” “A Daring Step Backward,” “The Boston Money Party.” DVD, Digitally remastered. This is a 6 DVD set, excellent pictured quality, transferred from film.

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