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The People’s Choice



The People’s Choice

Starring Jackie Cooper

The People’s Choice was a 1950s sitcom. It was one of those unforgettable series because it featured an unusual gimmick….a dog that talked to the audience. The People’s Choice was the story of a city councilman, Socrates “Sock” Miller, who had frequent run-ins with the city’s mayor, John Peoples. These run-ins were aggravated by the fact that Sock’s girlfriend was the mayor’s daughter, Mandy. Sock had a pet basset hound, Cleo, whose observations were made audible to the audience (but not the cast). Please note that these rare shows are film and tape transfers from the best available assets. Very enjoyable series. 31 Full-length episodes.


Pilot Show, How Sock Met Mandy, Unseating Councilman Sock, Sock Plays Cupid, Sock vs. Crutcher, Nature Study, The Beauty Contest, Christmas Story, An Adventure, Aunt Gus Leaves, Sock vs. Augie, Marriage Broker, Dedicated Councilman, Sock Proposes, Sock, the Businessman, Sock, the City Father, Sock Strikes it Rich, The Mayor’s Romance, Sock and the Syrene, The Movie Offer, Sock vs. Stone Kenyon, Wedding Bells, Captain Turner, Proxy Marriage, Sock the Budget Balancer, Sock the Fund Raiser, Sock and Pierre’s Job, Sock Gives Gus Away, Mandy’s Male Animal, First Anniversary, Rollo Makes Good.

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