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The Lawman – Season 2



The Lawman – Season 2

The Lawman – Season 2 – As Marshal Dan Troop (John Russell) and Deputy Johnny McKay (Peter Brown) continue their quest to bring law and order to Laramie, Wyoming, Laramies population expands in some interesting ways. First to call is the enticing Miss Lily (Peggie Castle), whos not quite the bad gal Marshal Dan thinks. Winning the lawmen over, Lily sets up shop as the local gambling-hall operator and loyal ally. Also settling into town for a spell in the hit Westerns second season are barkeep Timmo McQueen (Clancy Cooper) and motormouthed local Jack Stiles (Doodles Weaver). As Troop and McKay stand fast against maniacs, marauders and hate-mongers, thanks to the badge and the gun, some notable folks come their way, some as foe and some as friend.

Among the second-season guests found in this 39-episode collection are Diane McBain, Troy Donahue, Slim Pickens, Joel Grey, Jack Elam, DeForest Kelley, James Coburn and, of course, Lee Van Cleef. 1959 – 60 – BW – 39 Episodes –  5 DVD Set. Runtime: 976 Minutes.

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