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The Lawman – Season 1



The Lawman – Season 1

The Lawman – Season 1 – Prolific Western heavy (and real-life WW2 hero) John Russell made the jump to the other side of the law as Marshall Dan Troop in Warner Bros. TVs classic Western Lawman. The air of implacable menace Russell brought to many a bad guy takes on a whole new flavor when its siding with the angels – a ramrod, unbending moral rectitude. And thats a characteristic Marshall Troop will sorely need as hes tasked with bringing justice to one of the wildest lands of the Wild West: Laramie, Wyoming. Thankfully, Marshall Troop is aided in his efforts by Deputy Johnny McKay (Peter Brown), who may be wide-eyed when it comes to the lessons of the world but is steel-eyed when it comes to the lessons of the gun.

Notable guests crossing paths with the lawman in this 5-disc, 39-episode-series collection include a bevy of Western greats, including Jack Elam, Lee Van Cleef, Dick Foran, Wayne Morris, Robert Conrad and Adam West (as Doc Holliday). 1958 – 59 – BW – 5 DVD Set. Runtime: 956 Minutes.

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