The Gilded Lily


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The Gilded Lily

An often overlooked comedy gem, The Gilded Lily (1935) marks the first teaming of screen legends Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray and is the epitome of a New York City urban fantasy. Newspaper reporter Peter Dawes (MacMurray) and stenographer Marilyn David (Colbert), nicknamed Lynn, meet regularly on a park bench sharing popcorn along with their dreams. Their budding romance is soon threatened by a chance meeting between Marilyn and Charles Gray (Ray Milland), an English nobleman visiting America. Marilyn’s fantasy of landing a handsome millionaire becomes a reality as she is pursued by Charles in a whirlwind courtship, leaving Peter fighting to reclaim his love. 1935 – BW – 80 Minutes


Claudette Colbert; Fred MacMurray; Ray Milland; C. Aubrey Smith; Forrester Harvey.

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