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The Big Bluff


Valerie Bancroft’s untold millions cannot buy what she needs most – time! Her doctor estimates that her heart condition might allow her to live for 12 more months. Beautiful Valerie cannot resist the advances of lothario Rick DeVilla. The smooth operator wines and dines the heiress and after a whirlwind court-ship, they are wed. These events, however, have not slowed down Rick’s torrid affair with a sexy nightclub dancer. Meanwhile, Valerie is thrilled with her new husband and her health improves dramatically. Impatient to gain control of his wife’s fortune, Rick decides to speed things up a bit, even if a little murder is required to finish the job. John Broomfield stars in this drama flick, but he is most well known for his starring role in TV shows Sheriff of Cochise and U.S. Marshal.

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