Stump the Stars



Stump the Stars

Originally titled Pantomime Quiz Time, Stump the Stars was produced and hosted by Mike Stokey. Originally telecast from 1947 to 1959, it has the distinction of being one of the few television series to air on all four TV networks during the Golden Age of Television. Stump the Stars was based on the popular parlor game of Charades. The competition involved two teams of four contestants each (three regulars and one guest). In each round, one member acts out (in mime) a phrase or a name while the other three try to guess it. Each team had five rounds; the team that took the less amount of time to guess all phrases won the game. The show featured numerous Hollywood stars, both as regulars and guest. This collection includes twelve complete shows. You will enjoy watching these rare TV shows and what makes them ever more fun is the original commercials for the sponsor the Ralston Purina Company.

Please note that these rare TV shows have been carefully selected from archival films. State of the art technology has been used to present the highest quality production. Minor imperfections in image and sound are unavoidable. These are not recycled Alpha Video shows. All films were transferred by our studio from the original assets. There are no logos or other film overlays in this collection.


Disc 1 – Episode 1 – Guest: Shelia and Gordon McRae. Episode 2 – Guest: Fabian and Julie London. Episode 3 – Guest: Sir Cedric Hardwicke, David Wayne, Gretchen Wyler and MacDonald Carey.

Disc 2 – Episode 1 – Guest: Connie Stevens, Alan Sherman. Episode 2 – Guest: Hedy Lamar, Ricardo Montalban. Episode 3 – Guest: Anna Maria Alberghetti and Don Murray.

Disc 3 – Episode 1 – Guest: Nina Foch and Michael Landon. Episode 2 – Guest: Marilyn Maxwell and Dennis Weaver. Episode 3 – Guest: Frank Gorshin and Jackie Coogan.

Disc 4 – Episode 1 – Guest: Patricia Medina and Joseph Cotton. Episode 2 – Guest: Eli Wallach, Celeste, Jean Crain and Ed Begley. Episode 3 – Guest: Yvonne DeCarlo and Art Linkletter.

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