Sky King



Sky King

“From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes… Sky King!” These thrilling words announced the high-flying adventures of “Sky” King (Kirby Grant), his niece Penny (Gloria Winters), and the Songbird (Sky’s sleek Cessna 310-B plane) in the beloved TV series from the 1950s, “Sky King.” Working from the Flying Crown Ranch in Arizona, Sky and Penny use their expert airborne skills and the latest technology helping their friends and the sheriff whenever trouble arises. Whether winging it to a rescue or grounding a criminal, Sky King always flies straight! Enjoy four thrilling episodes. By the way, these are not the same old Alpha Video reruns, there were transferred straight from film.


Sky Robbers, A Dog Named Barney, Bullet Bait, Wild Man. – Four complete episodes. DVD, Digitally Remastered. Four thrilling high-flying adventures of Sky King (Kirby Grant) in his sleek Cessna, Songbird.

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