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Shannon TV Shows



Shannon TV Shows

George Nader is Joe Shannon, an insurance investigator for the Transport Bonding and Insurance Company, is assigned cases by his boss Bill Cochran who is played by Regis Toomey. The main character of Shannon is his 1961 Buick which is specially equipped with every high-tech gadget from that period. Shannon has no attractive secretary like other private eyes at the time because in his car sits a dictating machine where he recites his reports for Cochran. Shannon is the original multi-tasker. Press a button and a movie camera pops up or a hidden gun appears. The show is based in Los Angeles and offers up some vintage street scenes of early 1960’s LA. This wonderful TV classic reminds me of radio’s Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar.  This rare collection includes 16 uncut original shows transferred from film.


Disc 1
The Embezzler’s Daughter
The King Leal Report
Ironclad Alibi
The Porcelain Egg

Disc 2
Cold Trail
Duke of the Valley
The Hyatt Fund
The Professional Widower

Disc 3
Dolphin and the Mermaid
Tarnished Badge
The Deadly Homecoming
Saints and Sinners

Disc 4
The Sports Car Story
The Gideon Leap
Delayed Delivery
End of the Line

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