Scouts to the Rescue


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Scouts to the Rescue

Starring Jackie Cooper, Vondell Darr, Bill Cody Jr. and Edwin Stanley

Eagle Scout Bruce Scott, leader of Martinsville Troop Number One, and his pack set off in search of lost treasure, using a map provided by Tenderfoot scout Skeets Scanlon. Their scoutmaster leaves the expedition to rush home to an ailing wife, but Bruce and the scouts push on, and the map leads them to “Ghost Town.” The treasure turns out to be a large cache of counterfeit $20 bills and the plates used to print them. And there is more intrigue involving a lost tribe of Inca Indians living undetected in the mountains. A temple cave, radium deposit, it’s high adventure in this fun-to-watch serial. 2 DVD Set – 12 Chapters (1939).

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