Scatterbrain starring Judy Canova

Scatterbrain stars Judy Canova in this wacky film.  As a publicity stunt, a movie studio press agent/talent scout Eddie McIntyre, places his girlfriend-actress with a hillbilly family in the Ozarks so she can be “discovered” and star in the studio’s next musical. However, the hillbilly family’s daughter is mistakenly “discovered” and brought to Hollywood to star in the movie.  The studio tries to find a way to replace the hillbilly girl with the real actress. Eddie’s plan is to hire Professor De Lemma, a specialist in mind transference, to persuade Judy that she doesn’t want to be a movie star and wants to return home to her cows, pigs and chickens. Lots of laughs and plenty of music from Judy Canova.  Scatterbrain stars Judy Canova as Jenny Lind. 1940 – BW – 73 Minutes – DVD, Digitally remastered.

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