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Rocky Fortune aired Tuesday nights on NBC at 9:35pm eastern, immediately following Dragnet  and right before Fibber McGee and Molly. It was a sustaining series, meaning that NBC presented the program without corporate sponsorship. The premiere episode, “Oyster Shucker”, originally aired on October 6, 1953.

In the days prior to From Here To Eternity, Frank Sinatra’s popularity was in decline as the rock ‘n’ roll era was just being born and this short-lived private detective radio show was an attempt to remedy that. Frank played Rocky Fortune, a “footloose and fancy-free young man,” frequently unemployed, who took numerous, adventurous odd jobs.  Rocky Fortune was Frank’s only dramatic program from radio’s Golden Age as the lead in a recurring role. Sinatra’s first award-winnng dramatic role in From Here To Eternity was released October 19, 1953, just weeks after Rocky Fortune began its 26-week run. At about the same time, November 10, 1953 to July 9, 1954, Sinatra  starred in a musical variety show on NBC called To Be Perfectly Frank.  Rocky Fortune was really just another chance for the ever-ambitious Sinatra to be himself, and to promote his career. This collection includes 24 episodes of this rare radio classic, digitally remastered and restored.


Oyster Shucker 10-06-53; Rest Home Insurance Fraud 10-13-53; Shipboard Jewel Robbery 10-20-53; Pintsized Payroll Bandit 10-27-53; Messenger for Murder 11-10-53; A Hepcat Kills a Canary 11-17-53; Murder on the Aisle 11-24-53; Murder Among the Statues 12-1-53; Carnival One Way 12-8-53; Companion to a Chimp 12-15-53; Prizefight Set-Up 12-29-53; On the Trail of a Killer 1-5-54; Rodeo Murder 1-12-54; The Museum Murder 1-19-54; Hauling Nitro 1-26-54; The Football Fix 2-2-54; Catskills Cover-Up – 2-9-54; Too Many Husbands – 2-16-54; Decoy for Death – 2-23-54; The Doctor’s Dilemma – 3-2-54; Fresh Corpse – 3-9-54; Psychological Murder – 3-16-54; The Rocket Racket – 3-23-54; The Boarding House Doublecross – 3-30-54.

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