Reg’ler Fellers


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Reg’ler Fellers

Starring: Billy Lee, Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer, Buddy Boles Janet Dempsey, Jerry Wilson, Malcom Hutton, Sarah Padden

Reg’ler Fellers is a sweet, long-forgotten movie the entire family will enjoy. One of Alfalfa’s first post-Rascals roles. A group of local kids, who call themselves “The Reg’lar Fellers,” invent a machine that they believe can run on land as well as in the water. They also find themsleves gettin mixed up with gangsters who have framed a local woman’s son and have come to town to rob her. Alfalfa sings “The Last Rose of Summer.” EXTREMELY RARE MOVIE. 1941 – BW – 60 Minutes

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