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Railroad Detective


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Railroad Detective

Southwestern Railroad detective Matt Clark and his female associates traveled the American West seeking to capture the most notorious badmen in Stories of the Century. 29 full-length half-hour episodes starring Jim Davis. This series is also called “Stories of the Century.” Exciting stories of the railroad in the old west.


Belle Starr, Billy the Kid, Frank and Jesse James, Geronimo, Quantrill & His Raiders, Cattle Kate, Sam Bass, Johnny Ringo, The Dalton Gang, Doc Holiday, The Younger Brothers, John Wesley Hardin, Chief Crazy Horse, Black Bart, Henry Plummer, Bill Longley, The Wild Bunch, The Doolin Gang, Little Britches, Black Jack Ketchum, Tom Horn, Ben Thompson, Clay Allison, The Apache Kid, Kate Bender, Cherokee Bill, Nate Champion, Sontag and Evans.

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