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Racket Squad


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Racket Squad

This TV classic aired from 1950 to 1953. The series was filmed at Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, California and was sponsored by Cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris, which is why there was a pack of the sponsor’s brand on Braddock’s desk at the beginning and end of the episode, as well as occasional scenes of him or other characters “lighting up” a good old American cigarette. Reed Hadley stars as Captain Braddock of Racket Squad Each episode of this classic cop show was inspired from actual police files on cases involving con men. RACKET SQUAD was nominated for two Emmys. This collection includes 32 episodes in an 8 DVD set.


Two Little Country Girls, Heaven For Sale, The Spanish Prisoner, The Diamond That Wasn’t, Kite High, Miracle Mud, Two for One , Bill of Sale, Condemned Cattle, Accidently on Purpose, Desperate Money, No Questions Asked, Hearse Chasers, The Matchmaker, The Long Shot, Anyone Can be a Sucker, The Smoke Eater, One More Dream, Check and Double Check, Heartbreak For Sale, The Expensive Tumble, Beauty For Hire, The Fraudulent Suit Club, The Front Man, Blessed Expense, The System, The Dancing Lady, His Brother’s Keeper, Take a Little-Leave a Little,, Case of Lady Luck, Sale Value, The Kent Jameson Story,

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