Pre-Code Collection


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Pre-Code Collection

Turner Classic Movies and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment present Columbia Pictures Pre-Code Collection; five films in which the working class heroines have more to overcome than just dubious occupations or notorious reputations. Made before the Motion Picture Production Code was rigidly enforced in July of 1934, these films traffic in subject matter that would soon become taboo on the screen and be banned or removed by the censors.John Wayne, Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, Barbara Stanwyck, Pat O’Brien, Ward Bond, Laura La Plante, Mae Clarke, Regis Toomey, Zasu Pitts, Ricardo Cortez.


West Point grad John Wayne comes to regret his appointment to a base in “Arizona” (1931) when he learns that resentful ex Laura La Plante is newly married to his C.O. June Clyde co-stars. Taxi dancer Barbara Stanwyck’s dreams of rising above her circumstances are dashed by her wastrel husband in “Ten Cents A Dance” (1931). Ricardo Cortez, Sally Blane co-star. Streetwalker Carole Lombard sees a chance for a new life when she falls for kindly cabbie Pat O’Brien, but her past continues to haunt her, in “Virtue” (1932). Ward Bond co-stars. Jean Harlow bolts her small town to join buddy Mae Clarke as a Manhattan model, but isn’t prepared for the accompanying heartbreak, in “Three Wise Girls” (1932). Marie Prevost, Andy Devine co-star. Pert waitress Barbara Stanwyck catches the eye of rich boy Regis Toomey, and controlling mom Clara Blandick will go to any lengths to break the affair up, in “Shopworn” (1932). ZaSu Pitts co-stars. 5 DVD Set.

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