Passport to Danger



Passport to Danger

The adventures of a U.S. diplomatic courier Steve McQuinn, as he travels to distant countries with top secret communiques to America’s allies, dodging enemy agents along the way. Cesar Romero starred as the charming American diplomat whose travels for the U.S. Department of State took him to new, exotic locales, embroiled in international intrigue and usually forced to rely on both his quick wits and quick fists to stay alive.

PLEASE NOTE: These episodes are not repeats of the Timeless Media or Alpha Video releases. Upon review of the Timeless Media episodes we discovered all there transfers have an annoying “digital jump” in every episode. In addition, episodes were edited for time so they could cram more on each disc. All of the Timeless Media episodes are missing the introductions. Also, beware of compilation sets. Most episodes in these collections have been chopped up or edited and in many cases the episodes are not complete or original. Nostalgia Merchant takes pride in preserving and digitally remastering the original films using the best available assets.

The episodes in this COLLECTORS EDITION are FULL-LENGTH and were transferred directly from film in our studio and are excellent quality.


Monte Carlo, Sofia, Tangiers, Teheran, Casa Blanca, Turkey, Geneva, Rome

Eight Full-Length episodes – 2 DVD Set.

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