New Faces of 1937


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New Faces of 1937

New Faces of 1937 – “I dont want hits, I want flops.” So says Robert Hunt (Jerome Cowan), Broadways crookedest producer. Raising more money than he needs, Hunt stages surefire duds and pockets the surplus cash. About to produce his latest bomb, the musical revue New Faces, Hunt skips town when a disgruntled star (Thelma Leeds) threatens to blow the whistle. Taking over the show, wannabe producer Wallington Wedge (Milton Berle) attempts to turn a flop into a hit, unaware that Hunt swindled the backers out of thousands of dollars and has left him holding the bag.

Starring: Milton Berle, Jerome Cowan, Joe Penner, Parkyakarkus, Harriet Hilliard, William Brady, Thelma Leeds. 1937 – BW – 100 Minutes.

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