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My Friend Flicka


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My Friend Flicka

Set in Montana about 1900, this was a story about young Ken McLaughlin and his horse Flicka. Ken lived on a ranch with his parents Rob and Nell and the ranch-hand Gus and had many an adventure. This is a collection of 30 episodes in a 6 DVD set.

Ken McLaughlin, the main character of My Friend Flicka, was played by child actor Johnny Washbrook. If you grew up in the 1950’s or 1960’s, you probably watched many of the exciting adventures of Ken and Flicka right in your own living room. My Friend Flicka was 20th Century-Fox’s very first venture into television. ‘Well-known name’ actors like Hugh Beaumont, Claude Akins, Sheb Wooley, Minerva Urecal, Mike Mazurki, Denver Pyle, and even screen legends John Carradine and Jane Darwell, appeared in episodes in the series. My Friend Flick ran on TV from 1955 – 1960, only 39 episodes were filmed but the shows were aired repeatedly on network television and in syndication.


One Man’s Horse, Blind Faith, A Case of Honor, A Good Deed, The Accident, Wild Horse, rogue Stallion, The Little Secret, Silver Saddle, Phantom Herd, Black Dust, Night Rider, Wind Fom Heaven, The Runaways, The Cameraman, Old Danny, Rough and Ready, The Royal Carriage, Mister Goblin, Lock, Stock and Barrel, The Unmasking, Old Champ, The Medicine Man, When the Bugle Calls, Growing Pains, Lost River, Big Red, The Settler, The Whip.

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