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Milton Berle Show


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Milton Berle Show

Milton Berle Show first appeared on television in a 1929 experimental broadcast in Chicago, when he emceed a closed-circuit telecast before 129 people. On 8 June 1948 Berle reprised his role from radio, serving as host for the premiere episode of the TV version of The Texaco Star Theater. Originally signed to a 4-week contract, Berle was finally named permanent host for the season premiere that fall. He and the show were an immediate smash. For the next eight years the nation seemingly shut down on Tuesday evenings during Berle’s timeslot. The name changed in 1953 to the Buick-Berle Show, and from 1954 to The Milton Berle Show. This collection includes several shows of Texaco Star Theater, The Buick-Berle Show, and The Milton Berle Show. 8 DVD Set.


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