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Meet Corliss Archer


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Meet Corliss Archer

Starring: Ann Baker, Bobby Ellis, John Eldredge, Mary Brian

The story of a teenage troublemaker, Corliss Archer and her clumsy boyfriend, Dexter. Corliss Archer, her lovable but clumsy boyfriend, Dexter,  and her unwitting parents, Harry and Janet Archer get into one wacky situation after another.

Like many other radio shows, Meet Corliss Archer made the leap to television with live performances in 1951 and 1952, and from 1954 to 1955, as a syndicated television show. This is the most complete Meet Corliss Archer collection available with 37 episodes and it includes the Christmas show. Only 39 episodes where produced for one season.



No Clothes For The Party, Harry, Child Psychiatrist, Dexter The Director, Dexter’s, Surprise Party, The Algebra Problem, Quarantined, The Phone Fumble, Dexter’s Job, Harry’s Cold, Dexter The Helper, The Best Policy, Harry’s Diet, The Vase, Corliss The Cheerleader, The Archers Get A Maid, Dexter Becomes a Man, Dexter’s Masquerade Costume, The Male Ego, Money Matters, A Party For Corliss, The New Neighbors, The Soap Opera Queen, A Date For Doris, Friends Forever, Boat Builders, Miffy’s Overnight Painting The Pain In The Neck, President Of The Garden Club, The Fortune Teller, Harry The Dictator, Harry Gives Advice, Dexter And The Car, Harry The Photographer, The Personality Test, Janet Goes To College, Harry Tells Dex How It Is, Christmas Show PLUS 3 BONUS – Christmas Shows.

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