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McKeever and the Colonel


Format: DVD-R – 4 Disc
Audio: Dolby Digital
Year: 1962
Production: Nostalgia Merchant
Aspect Ratio: 4X3, FULL FRAME, NSTC, Black & White



A rare TV classic from 1962-1963. The setting was a military academy, Westfield. Dick Powell’s Four Star Television produced the series. Gary McKeever (played by Scott Lane) a young cadet at a boys’ military academy who was always getting into trouble and driving his superior officer crazy.

The Colonel (fully named Colonel Harvey T. Blackwell and played by character actor Allyn Joslyn) was the school commandant who was constantly at loggerheads with McKeever. The always hilarious Jackie Coogan played Sgt. Barnes, who was sympathetic to McKeever but somehow was always the butt of McKeevers pranks. The show also starred character actor John McGiver. This series is a pure delight. Sadly, it only lasted one season for 23 episodes.

This collection has been remastered from the best available assets. Good quality masters for this series were hard to find so imperfections in video and audio quality are unavoidable. Disc 4 includes the very poor quality episodes that we would not normally put in a collection. However, this is such a rare series we decided to add them anyway. They will be best viewed on a small screen device, like a laptop or small screen TV.


Disc 1
TV or Not TV
The Army Mule
Make Room for Mother
The Celestial Bells
Straight and Narrow

Disc 2
To Many Sergeants
General McKeever
Hand in Glove
Happy Birthday Colonel
Love Comes to Westfield
The Bugle Call

Disc 3
Blackwell, the Retread
The Cookie Crumbles
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
By the Book
Feet of Clay
Dear Old Westfield

All Quiet on the Westfield Front
McKeever’s Astronaut
The Big Charade
The Neighbor
Blackwell’s  Stand.

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