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The Mating Game



The Mating Game

Starring Debbie Reynolds and Tony Randall

Golden-Globe nominated and Emmy Award-winning Tony Randall (Pillow Talk, TVs The Odd Couple) plays Lorenzo Charlton, a stuffy tax investigator sent to the farm of Pop Larkin (Paul Douglas) and Ma Larkin (Una Merkel) to find out why they havent been paying taxes. He discovers that the Larkins, instead of money, use a homegrown barter system. Overwhelmed by their complex economic network, Lorenzo drinks one home brew too many. Awakening from a hangover, he sees a vision of loveliness before him — the Larkins spunky daughter Mariette (Debbie Reynolds). Enraptured by Mariette, he decides to stick around and find a way to get the family out of their onerous tax burden. George Marshall (How the West Was Won, Destry Rides Again) directs this breezy romantic comedy. 1959 – COLOR – 96 Minutes.

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