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Martin Kane, Private Eye


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Martin Kane, Private Eye

A easy-going Big Apple PI, MARTIN KANE was immensely popular both on radio and television Played by actor William Gargan in both media, Kane was an affable kinda guy, sporting a spiffy bowtie and smoking a pipe, and looked for all the world like somebody’s uncle, but under the veneer, he was hard and determined, and nobody’s patsy. And under that, he was still a kind of a doofus. Most of these episodes are from the early days of live television. Don’t be surprised to see missed cue, actors stumbling through lines, etc. And there were stories of falling scenery and other mishaps. Yet the show gradually improved, eventually shaking free of flat stereotypes, and by 1950, it had reached 12th spot in the ratings, and in two subsequent seasons, reached the top ten. In 1951 Lloyd Nolan took over the starring role as Martin Kane. This collection includes 16 gritty episodes in a 4 DVD set.

Starring Lloyd Nolan, Lee Tracy and William Gargan


Murder on Ice. Altered Will, Reclusive Sisters, The District Attorney Killer, Fortune Teller, A Jocky is Murdered, Rest Home Murder, A Crooner is Murdered, Black Pearls, Yacht Murder, The Comic Strip Killer, The Shoeshine Murder, The Milk Bottle Burglar, The Beauty Queen Murder, The Missing Seaman, Nevans Murder Trial.

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