The Man Who Walked Alone



The Man Who Walked Alone

Starring: Walter Catlett, Dave O’Brien, Kay Aldridge, Guinn (Big Boy) Williams

On the run from her impending marriage, beautiful Willy (Kay Aldridge) picks up a young soldier (Dave O’Brien) hitchhiking his way home. Fueled by an instant attraction, they become entangled in a web of lies that the mysterious Willy concocts in an effort to hide her real identity – which lands them both in jail… twice!  When the scandal hits the newspapers, Willy’s mother and fiance, eager to keep the two apart, uncover a secret that could send the new paramour back to jail. What they don’t know is that the handsome stranger has a few secrets of his own that will turn them, and their town, upside down. 1945 – BW – 70 Minutes

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