Mama – I Remember Mama


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Mama – I Remember Mama

This show was one of the best-loved early TV comedies but unfortunately was broadcast live and the vast majority of the episodes were never recorded. This was a huge financial mistake that would finally dawn on the bean counters at CBS after the success of “I Love Lucy” (1951). CBS (and sponsor Maxwell House Coffee) finally relented to the added cost and the series was committed to film at the very end of production (ironically not enough episodes were filmed to enable profitable rerun syndication). Sadly, while older fans remember this series fondly, most of the heart-warming stories of the Hansens’ white house on Steiner Street are lost to posterity. This 2 DVD Set includes 8 rare episodes.


T.R.’s Glasses, Mama’s Bad Day, Nels’ Summer Camp, Queen of the Bee, The Parade Grandstand, T.R.’s Surprise Party, Mama’s Nursery School, Madame Zodiac.

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