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Madigan – TV Series



Madigan is a classic crime drama series based on the 1968 film of the same name, starring Richard Widmark as Sgt. Dan Madigan. The show aired on NBC in 1972-73 as part of the NBC Mystery Movie umbrella series.

Dan Madigan is a veteran police officer in New York, now dedicated to investigating cases in Europe. He is incorruptible and organized crime is the target. Despite the fact that the character in the 1968 film version died he was resurrected for this ‘Mystery Movie’ version which depicted the seedier side of New York for the initial home based episode, the short run series duly moved the central character to various overseas locations for episodes such as; ‘The Lisbon Beat’, ‘The London Beat’ etc.

The show was initially grouped alongside; Banacek (George Peppard) and Cool Million (James Farentino) as part of a rotating wheel of ‘Mystery Movies’ but never returned for a second season (along with ‘Cool Million’) while ‘Banacek’ was later grouped with Faraday & Company, Tenafly, & The Snoop Sisters for its second season. The character was based on a much less admirable policeman in Richard Dougherty’s 1962 novel “The Commissioner.”

This is a very rare set – The titles and end credits are in French but have no fear – the complete series is in English.  THE QUALITY IS OUTSTANDING – EXCELLENT. FULL-LENGTH 90 MINUTE EPISODES.

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