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This rare TV classic from the 1950s dramatizes how innocent citizens can be accused and punished for serious crimes. The inspiration for these episodes came from the personal files and case histories of prominent, Philadelphia lawyer, Herbert L. Maris. Starring MacDonald Carey each half hour episode portrays the attorney as a man who has devoted his life to saving the innocent.


Change of Heart, The Failure, The Angry Men, Writ of Terror, Framed Ex-Con, Death in the Streets, The Manly Art of Murder, His Father’s Footsteps, The Case of Frank Crotty, Strange Summons, Poker Club, The Trigger, Murder is a Gamble, The Locket, Trouble Cop, First Prize for Murder, The Case of Lt. Weston, Society Matron, So Shall Ye Reap, Voice of Doom, The Case of Joe Slate, The Case of Dan Gray, Skid Row Story, Flying High, Top Secret, Society Doctor, Girls Wanted, Diamond Dupe, His Brother’s Keeper, Jennifer, Fugitive From Fear, Red Confetti, Jungle Compound, The Case of willie Betterly, The Accused, Leading Citizen, Hurricane, Court Martial, Sacrifice Play, Face of Innocence, Intruder, The Case of Nan Havens.

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