Little Rascals Collection


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Little Rascals Collection

The Little Rascals is the television name given to the Our Gang Comedies produced by Hal Roach in the 1920s and 1930s. The Little Rascals shorts have been around for many years for sale to the public. Before the advent of VCRs you could purchase them on 16 mm or 8 mm film from Blackhawk Films. I remember sitting at looking at the Blackhawk catalog for hours trying to pick out my favorite episodes to add to my collection. Well, here they are, my favorites and Alfalfa’s Favorites. Alfalfa joined the Little Rascals in 1935 in the short “Beginner’s Luck” and soon became the star of the series. This collection transferred mostly from a private Blackhawk films collection. 33 episodes on 6 DVDs in this collection.BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED, Shrink wrapped and ready for gift giving.


Beginner’s Luck, Teacher’s Beau, Sprucin’ Up, Little Papa, Little Sinner, Our Gang Follies (1935), The Pinch Singer, Divot Diggers, Lucky Corner, Second Childhood, Arbor Day, Bored of Education. Two Too Young, Pay As You Exit, Spooky Hooky, Reunion in Rhythm, Glove Taps, Hearts Are Thump, Ruchin’ Ballet, Three Smart Boys, Night ‘N’ Gales, Fishy Tales, Framing Youth, Pigskin Palooka, Mail And Female, Our Gang Follies (1938), Bear Facts, Three Men in a Tub, Came The Brawn, Feed ’em And Weep, The Awful Tooth, Hide And Shriek, Canned Fishing.

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