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Life of Riley – Vol. 2


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Life of Riley – Vol. 2

Chester A. Riley was the hard-working husband and father of an average American family living in suburban Los Angeles. It’s the Life of Riley. Although most of the program took place within the Riley household, his job as an airplane riveter at the Cunningham Aircraft plant also was part of the storyline. 32 Episodes – 8 DVD Set.


Riley’s Kiss in the Dark, The Bean Contest, Riley Scoutmaster, Surprise Party, The Haunted House, Riley Balances the Budget, The Uranium Mine, Riley Holds the Bag, Riley’s Wild Oats, The Chicken Ranch, Otis Yonder, Dudley Comes to Town, Expectantly Yours, Riley Hires a Nurse, Blessed Event, World’s Greatest Grandson, Riley Wins a Trip, Aloha-Goodbye, Change of Command, A Watch for Gillis, A Day at the Beach, Return to Blue View, The Stray Dog, Vacation Plans, Happy Birthday Little Chester, A Trip for Peg, Going Steady, A Guest From England, Bowling Beauties, Oily Birds, Live Modern, Annie’s Radio Romance.

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